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       Beale Street       Puppets
Of Baltimore, Maryland




Jill Kyle-Keith and Toby Walker at the 2018 Petrushka Puppet Festival in Ykaterinburg, Russia!

Russia18 1.jpg

Beale Street Puppets Travels the Globe in 2023! We're just back from London, UK, where we sold our miniature marionettes and puppets at the Kensington Dollshouse Show! 

And back before the pandemic, Beale Street Puppets performed Fairy Caravan as part of the Petrushka World Puppet Carnival in Yekaterinburg, Russia! 

Three decades and going strong- since 1988, Beale Street Puppets of Baltimore has performed at hundreds of venues for thousands of children. 


In these difficult political times, we firmly believe that it's the arts that make a connection to other countries and cultures. And puppetry, which is primarily viewed by children and families, is a perfect vehicle to let the younger generation know that in essence, we are all alike despite our differences. Cheesy, for sure, but true nonetheless. We are ambassadors- to be sure, it's on a small scale, but we take it seriously. 

Our next adventure will hit a bit closer to home- we are in the beginning stages of opening a small, wacky museum at our longtime studio. Soft opening dates are currently scheduled for the Christmas season of 2023. Stay tuned for more about Baltimore's Museum of Tiny Things-  miniatures, dollhouses, vintage toys, Hot Wheels cars, squished pennies, offbeat artist pieces, and of course, puppets!   

Beale Street Puppets​

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