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Teaching is our very-most-favoritest thing to do!

Jill Kyle-Keith has taught classes and residencies for many years- many and varied are the classes, from a Day of Puppetry to a week-long summer camp residency! You can be assured your students will come away with an appreciation not only of the art of puppetry, but of a life in the arts.

One of Jill's most popular offerings is the week long residency program for summer camps. During the five day program, elementary and middle school students learn how to make sock handpuppets, felt finger puppets, paper slide puppets, rod flowerpot puppets, five-string marionettes, and wooden spoon dancer puppets.

The students then use all of the puppets made during the week for a special parent presentation of "Cinderella: In Ten Minutes"! Nothing goes to waste in this production- flowers in pots greet Cinderella in the garden, the marionettes dance at the ball, and the Evil Wooden Spoon Stepsisters get their comeuppance!

As always, Beale Street brings all tools and supplies for classes and residencies- no need to lift a finger!

Please call for availability and pricing in your area!


Beale Street Puppets​

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